There’s a Hole in My Roof and Feathers on My Ceiling?

It started several years ago.  In the rainy season the skylight in our bathroom would leak, a little at first and then nothing.  The following year, a little more and then nothing.  Each year the leak would yell a little louder and stay around for a little longer.  Every year we would think to ourselves we really need to get that fixed.  But then the leak would stop and other projects would pop up to spend our monies on.

This year the little skylight declared that it was time.  The leak that could be contained by a small Tupperware container on the floor for a day or two became one that needed a full size cooler sitting under it.  During the weeks (yes that is an “s” on the end of the word “week”) of the cooler, using the bathroom was almost impossible.

Our bathroom is small.  There is a tiny shower, a toilet, and a countertop with one very outdated sink.  The cooler took up about one eighth of the floor space – the eighth directly in front of the toilet.  When the cooler was in place the bathroom door could not close nor could the shower door open.  It was inconvenient to say the least.


It was the bowing of the ceiling drywall that forced us into action.  Well, that and the daily dance of the cooler.  Every time I used the loo, I feared the roof would collapse.  In the end nothing that dramatic happened.  We have a new skylight and our contractor just applied the second coat of mud on the new drywall.  He will be putting in crown molding and has talked us into some inexpensive cherry cabinet faces to replace our old nasty 1980 ones.  I am quite excited.

And here is where I decide that since my classes have not started yet, now would be the perfect time to fully remodel the bathroom.  I figure I may as well do it, come April I won’t even have time to finger-paint much less paint an entire room.  I have pulled out all my painting supplies, brought in from the garage my two gallon bucket of Kilz2 Latex Primer so it can warm up, and have located my trusty TSP Substitute.  Tonight after the boys’ swim class we are off to Home Depot to find the perfect paint.  I am thinking something in the pale slate gray family for the walls and an off white cream for the ceiling and trim.

Carter told me he thought orange paint with pink feathers glued to the ceiling would be nice.  Cody likes Carter’s pink feather idea but thought that pink paint on the walls would better compliment the feathers.

I am not sure what we will decide but I am pretty sure it will not involved pink.  Or feathers.

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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15 Responses to There’s a Hole in My Roof and Feathers on My Ceiling?

  1. I love gray for walls – go for it…. a feather or two won’t hurt though 🙂

    • shoes says:

      I think a pale gray will look quite nice. As I said the room is small so it has to be rather light in color. I tend to stress about painting rooms but in the end they always turn out great.

      If I had time on my hands I would get a large piece of styrofoam cut to fit the ceiling and get feathers from our egg lady (farm fresh eggs are the best). I could glue or stab them into the foam and make a great feathered ceiling to suprise the boys with. I have neither the time nor the energy for such an endeavor, but it is nice to think about…

  2. Glad you are getting the chance to redo the bahroom. I hope fixing of the roof will allow you to go in peace!

    • shoes says:

      Back in the day (i.e. before children when Husband and I lived in Phoenix) I redid almost every room in our house. Not an single room was white and I became handy with several Jasco products. I enjoy doing such things, although I am not great at it, it is fun to transform a room.

      I can once again “enjoy the go” instead of fearing the falling of the sky while I am attending to my bathroom business. It is much less stressful.

      • I am not so creative when it comes to the room stuff, but I can understand how it could be fun.
        One order of business now is to get good b.r. reading material. This is imperative – or is this just a guy thing to think about it.

        • shoes says:

          I have to say that, at least in our house, it is a guy thing. Husband and both boys are all about lounging about in there reading the day away while I am not.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how time passes and we keep putting off the inevitable…..Next week I am starting to remodel my kitchen after….. (drum roll) 41 years!!!!!! If I wait any longer I will be too old to cook!
    I like the feather idea except they would probably attract dust bunnies…

    • shoes says:

      Well! You made me feel better about slacking off when it comes to fixing up our house. We have lived here for eight years (almost seven of them have been with children so that is the excuse I am using for the slack).

      Today it is the bathroom and then it will creep into our bedroom. One day we will reach the kitchen. Good luck with your remodel. May it not take you another 41 years! 🙂

  4. Oh, household repairs. I have such a honey-do list. But when it starts to get done…it’s the BEST.

    • shoes says:

      It is the best! I love walking into the boys bedroom and playroom, the only rooms in the house that I painted (I also painted the t.v. room but am really not pleased with the color). There is such a sense of “wow, I did that!” pride. Plus it is nice to not have it raining in the bathroom anymore.

  5. Hetterbell says:

    Have fun! Sounds like you have a couple of budding interior designers there. Feathers would be original, I quite like the idea myself now. 🙂

    • shoes says:

      I think that dusting a ceiling of feathers would be a little tricky. The boys do have some rather interesting ideas when it comes to home decor.

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  7. Jodi says:

    We have a leak in our roof, but we aren’t sure where it is, which means an entire new roof! There is a patch right when you walk into our bedroom where the ceiling is actually falling in. I told Hubby we should cut it out and try to see if we can determine WHERE exactly the leak is.

    Thankfully the skylight over our bed has only leaked once. They say water finds the path of least resistance so the leak could be anywhere. 😦

    I’m glad yours was such an easy fix!

    • shoes says:

      Oh, we are in great need of a new roof too. We are hoping to have a “stripping party” and get the old off and replace the wood that needs it before hiring the roofing crew to come in and finish the job. For now, it is nice not to have it raining indoors.

      Fingers crossed that your skylight over your bed continues to behaves itself!

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