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Simple Sunday – Studying and Solitude

I have been studying.  A lot. We spent the weekend at my mom’s house where everyone but I went bowling.  I stayed at the house and studied.  I did take a short break from the books to go on a … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Consider it Cheating

I know, I know, I know, I should be studying like crazy for the big and scary upcoming test that will determine if I even have a shot at getting into graduate school.  But I have big news.  With a … Continue reading

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What the Hell Did I Just Do?

My bowels have been aflutter since Monday morning and that is putting it very mildly because you don’t want to know the awful truth. There have been moments of euphoria sandwiched between long stretches of self doubt. I have seriously … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – You Are Only as Old as Your Shot Glass Says You Are

I would like to believe the saying that you are only as old as you think you are but then I take a look at the shot glass on my dining room table and realize that, no, I am just … Continue reading

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Girls, Girls, Girls

I hesitate to write this because before it was my child, I would roll my eyes at such stories and think that the projections that adults placed on the innocent relationships of children was strange and creepy.  Please understand this … Continue reading

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The Party Planner

Today we celebrate three birthdays in our household, yes you read that right, three.  And I had no time to plan for them.  I take that back, I had one day to prepare for it.  Last night around eight Carter … Continue reading

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Taxonomic Classification of Mud puddles, of Course

This morning the sky was gray and promising rain but from my quick glance out the door the drops were few and far between.  Dexter knew it was time for the bus stop walk and he was eager to go.  … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Views and Visits

Every time I go for a visit to my parent’s house I take pictures.  This is not all that unusual except that every time I go I take pictures of the same things.  I can not have enough pictures looking … Continue reading

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Cody and Carter, like most children, are collectors.  It used to be mostly rocks and leaves, little pieces of nature that would end up on our bookshelves amidst the framed pictures, vases, and delicate glass candy dishes despite my best … Continue reading

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