Girls, Girls, Girls

I hesitate to write this because before it was my child, I would roll my eyes at such stories and think that the projections that adults placed on the innocent relationships of children was strange and creepy.  Please understand this is all in good fun, and I realize that it is just sweet innocent kid stuff – even if the title is from a Motley Crue song that is anything but innocent (what can I say, I loved butt rock and hair bands in my high school days.)

It started the week before winter break.  First it was the email from Anna’s* mom asking if Cody would mind being the only boy invited to her daughter’s birthday party.  Apparently Anna has a little crush on him.  Not only does she talk about him to her parents a lot but Anna has also been concerned about Cody’s leg.  Cody wears an orthotic on his right leg and she was worried that it hurt him.  I told Anna’s mom that it does not hurt but some kids on the bus referred to it as his robot leg and that did hurt.  Cody prefers to call it his helper leg.  Anna was quite distraught when she heard about the robot leg comment and told her mom that there was no way she would let kids talk about Cody’s leg like that.  I think I like this Anna girl.

Tomorrow is Anna’s birthday party. It is a cupcake decorating party held at one of those small specialty bakeries that just do cupcakes. All thirteen girls in his class are invited. He will be the only boy there.  Cody knows this and is fine with it.  He was, however worried about offending Anna because he does not like cake, even in cupcake form.  I told him he could decorate it and bring it home.  I will be kind enough to eat it for him.

We bought Anna The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (a childhood favorite of mine) and Cody has made her a star shaped Perler Bead necklace.


Anna has already told her mom and dad that she wants Cody to sit at her table during the party.  Every time I think about the birthday party I can’t help but smile from the cuteness of it all.

On the same day I got the birthday email, Cody came home with this in his backpack.

Love note for Cody

I asked him who it was from, thinking it must be from Anna, but he told me it was from a girl named Penny.  Since I only help out in the classroom once a week I do not yet have all the faces matched up with the names.  I started asking him questions so as to figure out who this girl was.  I asked him if she had blond or brown hair to which he replied that he was not sure.  Hum, typical male.

The next day was the day before their winter program and there was a hot chocolate and book reading party in his classroom.  The kids brought in their favorite stuffed animal, blanket and pillow, and a book to read.  While I was there I ran into Penny’s dad and told him about the note his daughter had given Cody.  It was the first he had heard of it but he took the news well.  For the rest of the morning I think he was keeping a close eye on Cody.

During the party the kids picked partners to read with.  Cody and a girl named Kate went off together.  They plopped down on a beanbag, wrapped blankets around each other and Kate started reading her book about Santa Claus to Cody.  It was very cute.  This was the third or fourth time I have seen Cody and this girl read or play dinosaurs together.  I know that Kate is one of the top readers in the class so I am guessing he picked her so that she would do all the reading and he could just sit there and listen.  Yeah, I just called my son lazy.

I will end my story with this one last twist, and by twist I mean another girl.  This would be girl number four for those of you who have lost count.  Cody informed me on Tuesday that a girl on his bus has been asking for his phone number.  She wants to get together with him for a play date.  The bus girl is in a different first grade classroom so Cody only sees her on the bus and at recess.  This morning Cody boarded the bus with this clutched nervously in his hand.  It is a small card with a note I wrote to this girl’s mom with our phone number and an explanation of why I am sending the note home with her daughter.

Letter to bus friend

I think all this attention from girls comes partially from the fact that Cody does not run and play like the other boys his age.  With his Cerebral Palsy he has a hard time keeping up.  He instead hangs out with the girls.  I never thought his gross motor deficiency could be advantageous for anything but apparently there is an up side to it.  Of course, Cody is also sweet, kind, and cute so maybe that is why he is getting so many girl callers.

Cody is only in the first grade.  I wonder to myself what we have to look forward to in the years to come.

*All of the names, except Cody’s, have been changed.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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36 Responses to Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. Love it! A lady’s man on your hands!
    Needed a sweet story tonight…efforts to make my little one sleep are painful!

  2. Geoff says:

    Well, you can tell by the way he uses his walk…

  3. Go Cody! Ohhhh momma you’re gonna have your hands full!

  4. mimijk says:

    I’m embarrassed to write this – but when my eldest was 6, a little girl knocked on the door (Kelly was her name) and asked if he could play. I said no (nicely) and closed the door!! I just wasn’t ready!!!

  5. lovely story–but who is he going to sit with at the party–will they fight over him?

  6. He sounds like a fun friend – no wonder the girls like him!

    • shoes says:

      He really is a sweetheart. Yesterday he carefully wrapped a cookie from school in a kleenex and put it in his backpack to bring home to his brother. Cody does not like cookies but he knew that Carter would want it. It melted me a little that he thought to do this.

  7. You may need a gun and a shovel when he gets older. Till then tell Latherio to make 2 cupcakes for his wonderful mommy!!!

    • shoes says:

      Oh dear, Latherio, I hope it does not come to that! He brought home half a cupcake for me. He told me that he thought about writing “mom” on it but that he never got around to actually doing it. Oh well, it is the thought that counts, right?

  8. It works in reverse, too…the only friends from preschool my Granddaughter can name are two boys…the girls are all “that girl.” 🙂

  9. Starts early! Girls are way more precocious! The boys are clueless to it all. So funny and cute. And really, thank God they don’t have a clue yet!

    • shoes says:

      Cody is truly clueless to it all. He examined the picture that Penny gave him (he did “cork it” – the term we use for the things that Cody decided to put on the cork board in their play room) and decided that the picture was probably of him and Penny. You think! I find the whole thing way too funny.

  10. Kelly says:

    I think it is time to introduce Cody to the Beastie Boys, specifically Girls!

    • shoes says:

      It really is a horrible curse the boys are left with – due to my lack of coolness in high school and my love of hair bands and butt rock, I loved the crue and Poison etc. instead of the much cooler Beastie Boys – they get lame blog post titles like Girls, Girls Girls instead of the much cooler Girls title. What can I say?

  11. jensine says:

    he sounds like my brother. My baby brother was always a little bit sickly, he had violent asthma attacks and very bad exema. BUT he was always a hit with the girls, still is and although he has grown out of the bad asthma and only needs an inhaler now and then and his skin is much better it seems so boys just like girls and they love them

  12. coastalmom says:

    Ahhh I can’t wait to hear more! Please be sure to keep us update! Pusing follow now!

    • shoes says:

      Hi there and welcome to my little blog! The birthday party seems to have gone well. Cody had a great time and reported back to us that Anna got a lot of “girly presents” but could not be more specific than that. Anna’s mom is going to send some pictures from the party my way so maybe I will have one or two to share with you all. 🙂

  13. christiana83 says:

    Wow that is so cute! I was wondering if the girls would start fighting over him, too. Thank goodness it’s been harmless so far!

  14. Jodi says:

    I’m thinking you have a future heartbreaker on your hands. 🙂 And I thought it was only daughters you had to watch out for. 🙂

  15. Sounds like you’ll be running out of dates before plays! What a wee super star! I have not seen a copy of The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes since I was little, oh how my sister and I loved that story… I’m going to have to find a copy for my kiddies!

    • shoes says:

      You might be right about that – he is quite the little ladies man at the ripe old age of 6. 🙂

      I remember really liking that book as a little girl too. We found it on Amazon for about $15 for the hardback. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  16. Nancy says:

    Adorable! You’ve got a ladies man on your hands!

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