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There’s a Hole in My Roof and Feathers on My Ceiling?

It started several years ago.  In the rainy season the skylight in our bathroom would leak, a little at first and then nothing.  The following year, a little more and then nothing.  Each year the leak would yell a little … Continue reading

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In Black and White

Hip hip hooray – today is the day! My very first of ten columns runs in the newspaper today. As I mentioned before, I decided not to included my blog address in my byline.  I like my little blogging world … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Liquid Land

This weekend we went on our yearly trip to the ocean.  It was the first time we witnessed the power of an ocean storm (from the warmth and safely of our cabin).  There were predictions of waves thirty feet tall.  … Continue reading

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Sleeping with the Circus

For Christmas Husband and I got the boys a small circus tent from IKEA.  The circus tent is really very small and Cody and Carter are really much too big but it was on super sale.  After going into and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Rat in Mi Kitchen

The other day I walked into our kitchen only to be confronted by a large rat.  After a quick double take to make sure it was of the stuffed animal variety I immediately got the UB40 song Rat in Mi … Continue reading

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One Year Ago

Today marks one year.  Most of the big firsts are over: the first Father’s Day, the first birthday, the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas.  I am glad those are over and I must say that with time it has gotten … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Warhol Flowers

I survived the test. To celebrate my survival, Husband took the boys and I to the Andy Warhol, Flowers, art exhibit.  I have wanted to see it for a while now, but being too frugal to actually spend the money … Continue reading

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I’m Not Superstitious, Just Sentimental

Tomorrow is the day I take the WEST-B (Washington Educator Skills Test Basic), a five hour long state required test covering mathematics, reading, and writing.  Each subset has sixty multiple choice questions, except the writing portion which has fifty multiple … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Dexter D

We are busy people and so the front doorway in our house is a busy place.  We ready ourselves for our outings in the entryway, finding wayward shoes, zipping up jackets, and putting on gloves.  It is quite often the … Continue reading

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