Simple Sunday – The Liquid Land

This weekend we went on our yearly trip to the ocean.  It was the first time we witnessed the power of an ocean storm (from the warmth and safely of our cabin).  There were predictions of waves thirty feet tall.  It snowed and hailed.  There were very heavy winds.  By the morning light, the world was calm and it allowed for us to have one perfect day on the beach.

Kalaloch Collage 2013

I have shaken the sand from our clothes and boots.  The laundry is going and the coffee is on.  Tomorrow life gets back to normal, the end of midwinter break, and the boys go back to school.

The water flows in.  The water flows out.  The ocean remains, constant.  It is a comfort to my soul.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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7 Responses to Simple Sunday – The Liquid Land

  1. Having lived my life land-locked in Colorado, I really don’t have any experience with the ocean… I love what you said, “The ocean remains, constant. It is a comfort to my soul.” Even without having spent time near the ocean, I could feel these words in my body ~ thanks for sharing that with me!

    • shoes says:

      Oh I just cannot imagine living my life land-locked. I grew up on an island here in Washington, moved to Phoenix, AZ for about 10 years and then moved back to the Pacific Northwest. I loved the desert, but I longed for green, blue, and salty sea air. The sound of the ocean, how I know that that sound has been going long before I was here and will continue long after I am gone, gives me chills. I would like nothing more than to live in a small cabin by the ocean.

  2. How perfectly you’ve captured my sentiments about the water! I love the pic looking out the window – captivated – restless – awed. And then the breakthrough photo. Lovely!

    • shoes says:

      The ocean is so timeless, and the sound of it such a comfort. I can tell by the way you write about the water around you that it is in your soul as well.

      Glad you like the pictures – I took so many but to capture the feel and energy of that great ocean entity is all but impossible. These pictures together had a nice flow to them and described our weekend exactly.

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