Simple Sunday – Allow me to Introduce Ken

Today started as most Sundays tend to do at our house.  Husband and I try to sleep in.  The boys get up early keeping us from sleeping in, although today early was 7:00 which I don’t really consider early.

There was coffee for the big people and computer time for the little people.  We all ate breakfast together and then while Husband and I cleaned up the kitchen the boys created a “Boy Lounging Area” consisting of their small Ikea chairs, some empty boxes used to carry our loot from Costco into our house, and Carter’s trusty old Thomas the Train blanket.  They really are easily amused.  They looked super cute so I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.  In order to get a relatively normal picture of them, I have them first give me smiles and then they get to do a silly picture.  Here they are.  Sometimes I can’t tell the “normal” picture from the “silly” one but this one, I think you can.

Lounging Collage

The rest of the day I spend doing school work.  The boys entertained themselves for a while.  When the noise level got too loud, Husband took them outside to help do yard work.  It was raining a little making the longevity of my solitude directly related to the heaviness of the rain fall.

Husband made lunch.  I did more school work.  The boys played.  Once again the noise level started to rise.  You can only expect so much sibling comradery and mellowness in one day.

This time Husband loaded up the boys and the dog and off they went for a long walk at a nearby park.  The rain was mild and we are hardy folk (or rather they are – I stayed home, dry and warm, in front of my school work.  I may have even eaten some chocolate while they were away.)

When they came home it was with an eagerness to share Ken.

This is Ken.


Ken, better known as KN to some, was found and immediately adopted by Carter on their walk around the park.  According to Carter, KN is 80 years old and was in need of a home.  KN is not to be confused with Ken our Kenmore dryer whom you can read about if you wish (an old post, but a good one as it has a cute picture of Carter and a cute picture of a picture of Cody).

And that is about it.  I have no intricate end of blog tie up to neatly fit the lounging boys to the grubby baseball that is currently lounging by the fire warming his stitches.

I have had enough of computer for one day so you get what you get, and this is it.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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15 Responses to Simple Sunday – Allow me to Introduce Ken

  1. Not many 80 year olds get picked up in the park and brought home. You have quite a son but you know that. It’sfunny about all the fantasizing I do on Friday night about the “sleeping in” I’ll be doing on Saturday morning…haha. Never pans out.

    • shoes says:

      Hahaha! Well I don’t know how lucky Ken was. He lasted but a week before his stitching was gently nibbled away by Haley and I was forced to quietly, and without fanfare, throw him away. Such is the life (and death) of an 80 year old baseball…

  2. Seven *is* sleeping-in, isn’t it? 😉
    And, that might be the best wrap-up I’ve read all week…’deal with it’ works for me!

  3. That is what I really did not like about working at school – my teacher homeworks at the weekends!:) But you are doing very good, and you have strong team player- your husband!:)

  4. st sahm says:

    Sounds like an excellent Sunday. No one can prove you had chocolate, right? You just implied the thought.

  5. you get what you get–love this philosophy

  6. You know something. You do have a unique writing style, at once vivid and vivacious. I am left wondering how you are able to do that!

    Your story does end on a happy and positive note and that’s a great takeaway, is it not?


  7. daisy says:

    Or as my children’s teachers say — “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” 🙂 So glad to meet Ken! And your boys are darling. What a great sounding day.

    • shoes says:

      It was a wonderful day. Unfortunate for Ken, his stitching was gently nibbled away by Haley and I was forced to put Ken to rest in our kitchen trash can. I am glad the boys have not noticed his absence.

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