We Built This City

At first I was impressed.

It was 7:20 and time for the boys to start thinking about heading to bed.  I had been out in the backyard with Husband enjoying an after dinner margarita and had let the time slip away.

I went in the house and called out to the boys, letting them know it was time to start getting ready for bed.

No answer.

I walked down the hallway and, without turning on any lights, called out their names.


I turned back and headed up the hall, back toward the kitchen.  Hum, I thought, they must be hiding.

Back I went.  Nothing behind their bathroom door which was suspiciously halfway closed.  Nothing in Husband and my bedroom either.  I was standing in the near darkness by their bedroom door when one of them made a strange animal noise and the other one followed with a shriek. 

Ah, they were not really readying themselves for bed, but were hiding in the dark in their bedroom. 

I flicked on the light.  Two boys in underwear, adamantly claiming their teeth were brushed, sitting on the floor with a puzzle of the world spread out before them.

And here is where it gets weird.  Or something.

Cody informs me that Carter had just build Russia.  Now, I could have reacted several ways, considering our current president and the topic of Russia.  But no.  That is not where my mind went.

Perhaps it was the after dinner margarita, (remember that’s how this whole thing started), or perhaps not.

No.  My mind went to Starship.  Specifically this gem of a song. (Even though Russia is not a city).

And it did not stop there.  Knee Deep in the Hoopla was introduced, via Husband, who wandered in at this point, slightly confused by the impromptu dance party taking place but willing to embrace it.

And so, that is how our night has played out thus far. 

And it is still relatively early…


About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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