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Back in the Summer of ’95

A couple weeks ago during one of our dinner conversations, the question of whether cats have bellybuttons came up. I started telling a story of the momma cat who had her litter of kittens in the closet of a housemate … Continue reading

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Memories with a Side of Spice Cake

Tuesday would have been my dad’s 81st birthday.  It has been three and a half years since he died.  Cody was in Kindergarten and Carter was a preschooler.  Their memories of him, I’m afraid, are mostly built upon photographs and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Thank You Craig’s List!

Late last week we went and looked at it.  Today it arrived.  We have been wanted to get one of these for the longest time but we have just not found one in our price range that was close by.  … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Letter to a New Year

Dear 2013, We do not know each other yet, as you have not come around to say hello, so I thought I would write you this brief letter by way of introduction.  I know that people have great expectations for … Continue reading

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Our Second Skin

Our clothes. We wear them for modesty because it is our cultural norm.  We wear them to keep us warm and dry or to protect us from the sun. We wear them because we like the color or how they … Continue reading

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Memories of Rosy

There is now one dog dish where once there were two.  The spaces in between the walls of our house seem more empty.  A seventy pound German Shepherd, apparently, can take up a lot of space.  I can still hear … Continue reading

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Open House. Closed House (or how I accidently ended up writing a small novel instead of a simple blog post)

This Saturday will be the open house in remembrance of my dad.  It will be held at my parent’s house, or I suppose I should get used to saying, my mom’s house.  In a strange way I am decidedly not … Continue reading

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