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The Tigger on our Doorknob

There is a small stuffed Tigger that hangs from a key chain that, lately, can be found hanging on our door. The Tigger was originally ours, but Carter decided he was done with it and graciously offered it to one … Continue reading

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Bits and Scraps – Proof of Leprechauns is All Around Us

It started earlier this week with a small, pointy white rock Carter found on the playground at his school.  He insisted it was a Leprechauns tooth. Then it was a heart shaped sticker, its shine and sparkle marred by neglect … Continue reading

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This morning Carter got up on the wrong side of the bed (for the life of me I can’t figure out how he continues to do this for when we combined the boys’ beds into bunk beds we made sure … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Thank You Craig’s List!

Late last week we went and looked at it.  Today it arrived.  We have been wanted to get one of these for the longest time but we have just not found one in our price range that was close by.  … Continue reading

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Our Second Skin

Our clothes. We wear them for modesty because it is our cultural norm.  We wear them to keep us warm and dry or to protect us from the sun. We wear them because we like the color or how they … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Shelves

A week or two ago Husband installed a shelf above each of the boys beds; a shelf for them to store their childhood treasures upon. Cody’s shelf: stuffed Rooster given to him by some nice radiology technician at Children’s Hospital … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Fence Posts and Fields

When visiting my childhood home, I quite often find myself outside walking around in the pasture with my camera.  This weekend I could not stop taking pictures of old fence posts and fields left to grow wild grasses.

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Open House. Closed House (or how I accidently ended up writing a small novel instead of a simple blog post)

This Saturday will be the open house in remembrance of my dad.  It will be held at my parent’s house, or I suppose I should get used to saying, my mom’s house.  In a strange way I am decidedly not … Continue reading

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The Little Things are Sometimes Not so Little

One of the many reasons I enjoy writing this blog is that it allows me time to think over the days events; to pick out the little things.  It seem that those are the ones most worth writing about, worth remembering.  The little things.  Things … Continue reading

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