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This Just in (or Would That be Out?)

This afternoon I received a call from the school nurse.  She quickly assured me that everything was fine (the first words out of anyone’s mouth from the school when they call.  It only took one time of them calling and … Continue reading

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Sleeping with the Circus

For Christmas Husband and I got the boys a small circus tent from IKEA.  The circus tent is really very small and Cody and Carter are really much too big but it was on super sale.  After going into and … Continue reading

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Summer Toys. Winter Toys.

It has been past time for quite a while.  Finally on a not so rainy day last week I decided the time had come.  Cody was at school and since it was a Friday, Carter was home all day with … Continue reading

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We Think of you While you are Sleeping

Monday through Friday Carter and I have lunch together before he heads off to his afternoon preschool.  Almost everyday over our meal Carter brings up “the people on the other side of the earth”.  I think he is quite enthralled … Continue reading

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Ode to Alone

Alone mamma? In the singular Mamma! quiet as can be. Mamma, where are you!?! I think that I almost forgot the sound made by a ticking clock.  Being a stay at home mom to two rowdy boys ages five and three means that, while … Continue reading

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