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Simple Sunday – Banana Bread

What do you do when you come home from a long weekend of camping to several ripe bananas?  Why, you make banana bread, of course!

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Is there a Doctor in the House?

I thought house calls were a thing of the past but apparently I was wrong. Much to my surprise I was received by not one, but two doctors yesterday morning.  The shortest of the two took my temperature and declared it to … Continue reading

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Lions, Tigers & Shrimp – oh my!

Kids like teddy bears, am I right?  My boys have several that they have collected over the years: new baby is born gifts, gifts from doting grandparents, stuffed bears from hospital trips, the list goes on. Cody’s favorite stuffed animal, hands … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – A Bounty of Motherhood

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Arghhhhh Matey!

To avoid reliving the mortification I felt this morning when the boys and I arrived at the YMCA to swim, sans underwear for myself for the return trip, I will instead tell you what I learned about pirates during our lunchtime conversation. … Continue reading

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The Anti-Trip to the Park

Today I loaded up the boys for a nice jaunt to the park.  It is summer in most parts of the country but here but it is 61° and cloudy.  Again.  But it was not raining so for us that … Continue reading

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Lovely Lavender

Last weekend we packed up the kids, picked up Grandma, and headed to the lavender festival in Sequim. It was our sixth year going and the first time rain was in the forecast.  In fact it rained the whole drive up, … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Nature Caught my Eye

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About a year ago on a random trip to New Orleans with my sister I fell in love.  His name was Mojito.  He was cool, refreshing, and knew how to have a good time.  Here is a picture of him. I … Continue reading

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Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

The Raspberry Man cometh.  On our way to Carter’s speech therapy Monday we passed the familiar and much-anticipated sign.  It is a white sandwich board with three or four large time-faded raspberries stenciled on the top.  Below it the crucial detail – location.  All the way to Carter’s appointment, … Continue reading

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