Winter and My Inability to Stop Buying Spreadable Cheese

  1. This morning on our walk to the school bus stop the grass and fallen leaves were covered in frost.
  2. Last Saturday a good friend and I got together to plan our second annual Christmas Cocktail Party.  We drank some bubbly, hand made 35 invitations, and had fun laughing and generally caring on.  Part of our invitation reads: “Festive cocktail attire required.  Vesicles of merriment requested.  Old and small, big and tall, welcome.”  It is bound to be a good time!
  3. Carter is choosing his “puffy” blue winter jacket over his much loved “Cars the Movie” jacket more and more.
  4. I am using the crock pot 2-3 times a week.
  5. When I come home from running errands, I catch the dogs listening to this instead of their usual NPR or KEXP.
  6. I find myself listening to the dogs new favorite station and yes I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet.  I am not usually one of those people, but this year…
  7. I am rediscovering my sweaters and wool socks.
  8. The boys and I have madly started making cute and frameable artwork to give as presents for the grandparents.  Some of these I am pretty excited about and will share them with you as they get closer to being finished.
  9. Rosy and Dexter’s fur (as well as Delilah, our cat that is not really our cat, but insists on bringing us presents) has become thick and robust.
  10. I subject my family to random spreadable cheeses that fall into my shopping cart.  You know the kind: smoked, bacon flavored, sage infused, white, aged or sharp.  It matters not, for this time of year I buy them all and just can’t help myself.

I know it is not quite winter time yet but it feels like fall is already fading fast.  Want to share any random or quirky things you find yourself doing during this time of the year?  Does anyone else have a spreadable cheese fetish during the months of November and December or is it just me?

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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4 Responses to Winter and My Inability to Stop Buying Spreadable Cheese

  1. jofurniss says:

    Not spreadable cheese so much, just birthday cake. Birthday cake with every meal. I’ll go running at the weekend, honest.

  2. Yoga Mama says:

    mmmm, spreadable cheese. Oh how I would love some brie right now! Happy Fall/early winter.

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