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The Kreativ Blogger Award

Okay, I am feeling a bit guilty.  Almost three weeks ago I was given the Kreativ Blogger Award from one of my long time (long time is a relative term since I have only been blogging for 6 months) blog … Continue reading

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A Tuna Fish Sandwich With a Side of Elephantiasis Please

Lunch started out normal enough.  On the menu: three tuna fish sandwiches (two with mustard), one peanut butter and honey sandwich, cottage cheese, and wheat thins. At first the conversational hum was about passing the crackers or requests for a … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas

Husband and I do not generally exchange gifts; we are big into stocking stuffers and the rest is for the kids.  Last year I got two gifts from Husband/Santa that I was quite excited about; one of them I asked … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Merry Christmas to All…

And to all a good night. I wish for you all kindness, peace, joy, and good health.

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Lame Parents Award? Maybe, Then Again Maybe Not…

Last night Husband and I finished wrapping the Christmas gifts for the boys.  It was pretty underwhelming and we were feeling a bit lame.  The boys do not watch much t.v. and what they do watch does not have commercials … Continue reading

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Of Potty Training and Penises

My friend Amy and I try to get together every month or so sans kids to catch up.  During these visits we invariably talk of our children.  Awhile back I told her a funny potty training story about Carter that … Continue reading

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Winter Break is Going to Break Me

What do you do when it is only day two of a two week winter break and the kids are already driving you crazy?  Wait.  Do weekends count as days during winter break?  I think they should so let me … Continue reading

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Fat Santa

Cody is worried that Santa eats too much fudge. cody:  Momma, why is Santa so fat?  Why does he eat so much fudge?  It is not very good for his teeth. me:  Well, Santa enjoys his cookies and fudge.  You … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Forgotten Fence

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Conserving Energy

About two weeks ago we decked our halls (we only have one hall, but the word ‘halls’ sounds better here), fireplace mantle, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms with Christmas lights.  Carter was a bit disappointed that we did not string … Continue reading

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