Princess Friday

I have not been sleeping well.  For the past four or five nights I go to bed where I toss and turn and my mind runs nonstop.  I have never been plagued with (non child induced) insomnia and if this is what insomnia is like, I am not a fan of it.  I need sleep.

This morning I was grumpy.  I went through the motions of drinking coffee and making breakfast.  After a long shower I decided that perhaps a skirt was in order, maybe it would brighten my mood.  I don’t usually wear skirts although I continue to buy them on clearance or while out thrifting because I like the concept of skirts.  They look fun and happy and filled with sunshine.  But I have the fashion sense of a walrus and when I attempt to put together a skirt-shirt combo it inevitably looks wrong.

I come out of the bedroom and ask Husband, who is working out of the house today, to give me his opinion on two outfit choices I had put together.  The first was not great but the second he liked and so did I.  I spun around to twirl the skirt, feeling a bit like mammy in her red petticoat from Gone With the Wind (my skirt has that shiny inner lining).  Carter looks up from some serious brick building activities in the hallway and matter-of-factly says “Momma, you look like a princess!” and goes back to building.

Skirt Twirl

He warms my heart.  And with that attitude, he will go far with the ladies.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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30 Responses to Princess Friday

  1. Beautiful! AND you have great hair!

  2. Nancy says:

    Excellent post! And I love that skirt! Maybe I’ll try donning a skirt the next time I just can’t get going in the morning. I too have been suffering from insomnia lately. Too much stuck in my head that won’t get out. I really must get back to my keyboard and force the stuff out of my head and into many posts.

    • shoes says:

      I highly recommend wearing a skirt to lighten your mood, it actually helped me strange as that may sound. You and me both need to kick this insomnia thing to the curb, it is no fun at all!

  3. Hetterbell says:

    You look great! I hope you can get back to sleeping better very soon. 🙂

    • shoes says:

      I do to, it is so frustrating watching the hours tick by and knowing the day will start early with two very active boys to attend to all day.

  4. Wise child – knows what to say!

  5. We should all twirl a little more. And we should all go to your hair stylist. It’s gorgeous! Wishing you sleep 🙂

    • shoes says:

      I asked Husband to take a picture of me twirling for this post. I twirled and twirled so he could take several pictures that I almost fell of our deck. We were laughing so hard by the time the “photo shoot” was done. 🙂

  6. mimijk says:

    I hope you twirl and spin and shine like you should! You look beautiful and with any luck that joy will carry you into a night of sweet dreams..

  7. what a lovely response – my son told me the other day that my arm resembled one of those swimming pool noodles – flabby and fat – but of course he was just kidding and he is not a little boy anymore – so take the princess comment to heart and keep it there for those other days

    • shoes says:

      Ha! Just a couple days ago Cody, who is 6, called Husband an old man. Less than an hour later Husband got carded at Costco for buying some Corona.

      It was very lovely to be referred to as a princess especially since I was in a rotten mood (and had no makeup on). 🙂

  8. Alex says:

    just adorable the things kids say! but it looks great!

    • shoes says:

      And now I have a picture of this outfit so I can remember that this combo works well together. I shall refer to it as my Princess Outfit! 🙂

  9. My four year old (who already considers herself a princess) would be his in a heartbeat if he said this to her! 🙂 Hope you get some sleep tonight!

    • shoes says:

      Ahhhh. I am sure Carter would call your daughter a princess if it meant she would play trains with him or share her snack. Honestly I think his only requirement for being called a princess is to have a twirly dress or skirt.

  10. Christine says:

    Good boy, Carter. Good boy.

  11. Jodi Stone says:

    Sometimes I find it’s not what I’m wearing, but how I FEEL when I’m wearing it. I think your outfit was great and I love the hair. 😉

  12. Jodi Stone says:

    Oh and if you find a solution to the sleep thing, please let me know. I’d give just about anything for a good night’s sleep.

    • shoes says:

      I have a new level of respect for people who live with insomnia. It is dreadful. It is still plaguing me and I am starting to no longer look forward to bedtime even though I am tired. Sigh.

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