Summer Pie Day

We have celebrated National Pie Day, which falls on January 23rd, for the past two or three years ever since I learned of it’s existence.  Every year my pie enthusiast friends and I lament that the holiday falls during a time when the berries are not in season.  I always vow to throw another celebration for pie during the summer months but then life gets busy and I never do.  But this year I am on my game.  Saturday, August 4th has been marked as the first ever Summer Pie Day.

Since the weather is going to be absolutely wonderful, sunny with a high of 80, we are going all out and hosting a BBQ as well.  The menu will be all about keeping it simple and will involve things that can be prepared ahead of time.  I think marinated beef and chicken shish kabobs as well as oil drizzled, herb sprinkled veggie ones will do nicely.  I have asked all invited to bring a small side dish along with, of course, a pie.  And I warned that there would be some friendly mocking if they came with a store bought pie.

I have done little to no preparation for Summer Pie Day.  Grocery shopping and pie crust making will have to happen today.  Plus there are the berries to consider.  The boys, Dexter the dog, and I have been taking daily walks down the road to our neighborhood blackberry patch to check on the ripeness of the berries.  During one of our walks the boys found what they call the most perfect walking sticks ever! and now they don’t walk anywhere without them.

Summer Pie Day Boys Collage

Carter is very good at sampling the berries to see if they are ripe.

Summer Pie Day Carter Collage

There is nothing like a fresh blackberry pie, especially when the berries are free.

Summer Pie Day Berries1

These pictures were taken Thursday morning.  With a little bit of luck and plenty of sunshine, I think enough berries will be ripe for the picking come Saturday morning for one delicious blackberry pie.

Summer Pie Day Berries2

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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23 Responses to Summer Pie Day

  1. Enjoy the bbq.
    At my school, the math department celebrates pie (pi = 3.14…) day. It’s cool – pies/desserts all over the place. Yum!!!!

    • shoes says:

      I am sure it will be a great time with lots of friends, kids, food, and pie.
      That is great that your school celebrates Pi day with pie – I would be all over that. 🙂

  2. jensine says:

    I love blackberries and when they are ripe I’d love you to make me pie … everyday is pie day

    • shoes says:

      Blackberries are pretty good although my favorite berries are wild red huckleberries followed closely by raspberries. I would love to make you a pie!

      • jensine says:

        I love raspberries and have never eaten huckelberries but sound cool

        • shoes says:

          Oh, the red huckleberries are a treat. They are a little bit tart, rather like a lingonberry, and as small and the tip of your little finger. It takes HOURS to pick enough for a pie so we just eat them off the bush or bake them into pancakes. They are great on French toast with thistle or fire weed honey drizzled on the top. Yummy!

  3. I didn’t know that pie day was on January 23. We celebrate pie day on 3/14. I like two national pie days!

    • shoes says:

      Pie day was created by the American Pie Council and is somehow related to Crisco where as Pi day is all about 3.14 – I personally prefer the pie that I can eat. 🙂

  4. Kerry Dwyer says:

    Lemon meringue pie day is 15th August. I am not sure my lemons will be ready. Who decides on these days anyway. They all seem to be in the wrong place.

    • shoes says:

      Mmmm, lemon meringue pie, that is one that I have never made but really enjoy. I bet when made fresh it must have an amazing flavor. I hope your lemons will be ready in time and that if you make a pie you post a picture of it so I can drool over it.

      I think that our Summer Pie Day will become a fast tradition in our household. Fresh berry pies are great and when you have a group of people over who all bring a pie, it is such fun to sample all the different types.

  5. Hey Shoes: Sounds yummy….it’s been quite a while since I had blackberry pie, have a piece for me, ok? 😉

    • shoes says:

      I will be sure to have a piece or two for you (and since they will be for you, does that mean that you get the calories?) At the end of the night we divide up all the different pies and everyone gets to take home a variety of pie slices. Such a great celebrations of life, friends, and of course pie! I love it!

  6. Love it. Your kids get to have a fun-filled adventure while getting the ingredients for a delicious pie. This is what magical childhood is all about. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

    • shoes says:

      The boys had a great time picking berries with Husband and I this morning. The homemade crust is partially pre-baking right now (so as to avoid the soggy bottom crust syndrome) and the berries are washed, dried and ready to go.

  7. Hetterbell says:

    What a great idea! Have a fabulous Summer Pie Day!! The boys look brilliant with their walking sticks. I love taking photos of berries. We’re fortunate to have quite a few different kinds around here, too, including blackberries and sloes.

    • shoes says:

      Thanks! The boys are quite taken with their walking sticks which they keep by the front door, ready for our next adventure. I had to look up what a sloe was – interesting. It sounds like it is a bit plum like. I love plums so I imagine I would like sloes too.

  8. Ok so next year Aug 4th pie day at your place right?I hope today was full of fun and memory making. Miss you!

    • shoes says:

      It was a great day; I love the start of a new tradition. Not sure if August 4th will be the official day or if, like Practice Thanksgiving, Summer Pie Day will be a floating holiday. I will be sure to drop you an invite for next year. 🙂

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