Simple Sunday – Bunk Beds

Over the weekend we combined the boys’ bedrooms into one room, merging their beds to form bunk beds.  They now have a shared bedroom and a playroom.  Time will tell if this was a brilliant move or a colossal mistake.

bunk beds excitment collage

They were quite excited about it all (can you tell?)

bunk beds up top collage

There was controlled chaos up top (number one rule of the bunk beds is no roughhousing on the top bunk.)

bunk bed fort building collage

And there was lots of fort building in the bottom bunk.

Last night was their first time sleeping in their shared bedroom.  There was some book reading, talking and laughing.  After awhile I stood outside their door and in my best authoritative momma voice I told them that I did not want to hear anymore talking as it was time for them to go to sleep.

The reading light clicked off.  There was a pause of silence.  Then in a quiet whisper Carter said “Cody?  We have to talk really quiet now.”

I chuckled to myself and walked away.

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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26 Responses to Simple Sunday – Bunk Beds

  1. JWo says:

    That’s so awesome. I’m sure they will enjoy it… for a while. haha…

  2. mimijk says:

    Wow did this bring back boys shared a room (even though they each had their own bedroom) until they were almost adults. The bunk bed years were arguably the most fun..forts, whispers, and getting ready for the lower bunk sleeper to push his little legs against the mattress above him – always a good time..Enjoy their joy! 😉

    • shoes says:

      They are having such a great time bunking together. I love standing at the door and catching little snippets of their conversations. The forts are great and even Deiliah the cat benefits from the forts left behind as they make a great sleeping place for her.

  3. christiana83 says:

    My sister and I shared a room (with bunkbeds) growing up, and so did my brothers. The novelty will wear off eventually, but I do think that sharing a room provides great lifelong lessons in sharing, teamwork and learning to get along. Pretty much the only drawback is when the older one gets into high school and is staying up very late with homework. But of course they can always do that in the playroom. I think it is much better to have the sleeping place separate from the playing & working spaces, since it will help make it calmer and more relaxing in the bedroom. They look very excited, too cute!

    • shoes says:

      I agree with you about the life long lessons and I hope it will help them form an even stronger bond as brothers and friends. All the toys are in the playroom the only exception being stuffed animals. I have set up a little crafting area for them in the bedroom and they have their book nook and each have a reading light attached to their section of the bed. It is working out very well so far.

  4. Oh, you will have to keep me updated how this situation is going. We will soon be making the transition into moving our boys into the same room…I’m a little scared about this! LOL!!

    • shoes says:

      I was more than a little scared about this transition. Cody falls asleep quickly and snores like a chainsaw while Carter likes to lay awake reading for 30 minutes or more and is up out of bed once or twice to tell me something very important (momma, my leg itches, etc.) so I did not know how well it would work out. So far other than the first one awake tends to wake up the other, it has been great. They love it!

  5. We did it last summer. Best move ever. Took a while for them to settle into it and the one that used to sleep an hour longer in the morning started getting up with his brother but all in all, it’s great. And if you are in a small house like me, the playroom is fantastic!

    • shoes says:

      Yup, we see that the first one up wakes up the other (we are working on trying to stop this) and sometimes they get upset and want more personal space but overall it has been a great move. We are in a small house and I am sick of toys, toys, toys, everywhere. I hope the playroom will help with this.

  6. Wonderful!
    It wasn’t great for my girls, but…they’re girls, know what I mean?
    There is a good reason why my daughter only wanted a boy….

    • shoes says:

      Hahaha! I have heard about girls and their drama. I have an older sister but of course we were perfect angels and got along all the time (excuse the puddle from the dripping sarcasm, hope it missed your shoe.) The boys are loving this whole room sharing thing.

  7. That is just brilliant! I can’t think of a happier time than sharing a bedroom with a sibling! It’s not just sharing a room but oh the wonderful adventures and nightime camaraderie. Stories, whispers, dreams, wishes. The best kind of bonding time ever!!! Hugs, Sharon

    • shoes says:

      I love hearing their nighttime conversations. Carter stays up reading and sometimes they discuss the books he looks at. It is amazing bonding time and I am so glad we got the idea to put the beds in the same room.

  8. I just love kids and their innocent sneakiness–I used to read from the light in the hallway cause my sister and I (we shared a room) did not like having our door shut. Your guys are going to love it–but they might drive you just a little bit crazy.

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  10. Jodi says:

    LOL, did they put up a fight over who got the top bunk?

    • shoes says:

      Nope, not at all. Cody, I think do to his cerebral palsy, does not like the idea of having to climb a ladder to get to his bed where as Carter was all about that. We also hyped up the lower bunk as a great fort making area. So far so good except that I have not gotten my butt in gear and organized their playroom much.

  11. Aww bunk beds! Reminds me of when my sister and I had them growing up. They look so happy!

    • shoes says:

      My sister and I had them for a while too. I remember fun laughs, great storytelling, and comradery. I wish the same for my boys and if the last several days is any indication, I think they are getting it in spades. Such fun!

  12. I think it was a great move. My granddaughters are sharing rooms like that and the purpose was exactly the reaction you got; a few giggles and a years of really sharing, fighting, and bonding. Seems to be working.

    • shoes says:

      I think you are right, a great move indeed. There are some hicups with them learning to share the space and being respectful of one another’s things and needs but what a great way to teach them. And I think (hope) it will bond them even more that they already are.

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