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Memories with a Side of Spice Cake

Tuesday would have been my dad’s 81st birthday.  It has been three and a half years since he died.  Cody was in Kindergarten and Carter was a preschooler.  Their memories of him, I’m afraid, are mostly built upon photographs and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Lost in the Corn Maze

Today we went a pumpkin patching.  There were bouncy houses, tall tube slides, hay rides, a petting zoo, and a corn maze.  It was a good time although I have to admit that the corn maze gave me a bit … Continue reading

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The Neatly Folded Napkins

Everyday as I pack my boys their school lunches, I make sure I include a napkin.  I don’t know why, but I carefully fold each napkin before placing it on top of their lunch container and zipping their lunch bag … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Practice Thanksgiving, Year Fifteen

It started simply enough.  Fifteen years ago Husband was just Boyfriend and Cody and Carter were not even solid thoughts.  It was October 2001 and the thought that I had no idea how to make a full on Thanksgiving dinner … Continue reading

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Carterisms: Morning Dew and Can Lights

Ok.  I am admitting it right up front.  This post is really for me, a post to document the cute stuff that comes out of my kiddos mouths.  Carter had a couple lately that I felt compelled to write down.  … Continue reading

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The Things That Grow in the Desert

As I mentioned, last week I was off work for fall break.  My mom came into town a few days before our family made-up holiday of Practice Thanksgiving.  Since the boys were still in school, and it was too early … Continue reading

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Fall Break and Flamingos

It is fall break. Let me restate that.  It is my fall break. I teach in a different school district than the one Cody and Carter go to.  All of our holidays and breaks throughout the school year just happen … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Domino Effect of Humor

Carter’s creation with dominos during our last visit with his farfar, (farfar is Swedish for father’s father.)  Husband’s dad has Alzheimer’s and the visits are not very much fun for the boys (or us, if truth be told).  The boys … Continue reading

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Old School

An old box of dot matrix printer paper found collecting dust in a classroom closet. This paper, its glory days having come and gone, became a simple box of scrap paper in my classroom last year.  We use it to … Continue reading

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