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Shoes on the Wrong Feet Flashbacks – 2016

January: We hosted a rather nice remembrance for Husband’s father.  Carter made the Swedish colored paper chain as an addition to the centerpiece.   Carter discovered the 80’s in the form of a headband.  He rocked the look for a … Continue reading

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Yardwork in a Vase

Yesterday I tackled the front yard.  We have a patch of desert landscaping tucked under two large mesquite trees just to the right of our driveway.  I have not done much in the way of trimming this section since we … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Christmas 2016

After a morning of stockings and breakfast, we decided to continue with our relatively new tradition of a Christmas morning desert hike. We packed up the dogs and headed out to the desert. I must have been very good this … Continue reading

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Merry Morning Sunrise (Not a Minecraft One)

The coffee pot gurgled; the last few drops of caffeine sunshine drop into the craft.  This noise holds special meaning to Cody and Carter as it signifies that they may ask to play their beloved Minecraft.  We instilled this morning … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Muffins, Spice, and Everything Nice

Yesterday Carter and I made mini pumpkin muffins.  Cody was going to help us but when I asked him to get the necessary spices, he was so distracted by my unkempt spice basket he spend the entire time organizing the … Continue reading

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Kitchen Counter Clutter

When the boys were younger, I used to find all sorts of various creations and random items set up for display at the end of our hallway.  They would spend a lot of time building with their cardboard bricks – … Continue reading

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Hair of the Cat?

Urban Dictionary defines hair of the cat as : drinking non-alcoholic beverages to relieve a hangover, especially when others in the area are engaged in consuming alcohol to feel better. At our house it happens almost every morning – but … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Early Pre-Christmas

Friday was the last day of school for two weeks (hooray!!)  In the classroom, we combined math and art to make these “Merry Math” trees.  As you can see, we have been working on the inverse relationship between multiplication and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Chairs for the Guests (?)

Each year, about a month before Thanksgiving, we host a Practice Thanksgiving.  It is a fully involved Thanksgiving dinner with family, friends, and turkey with all the trimmings. This year our Practice Thanksgiving was on the second weekend of October … Continue reading

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A Long Time Gone

So… There is something I neglected to write about, something that has significantly affected my life and has been the cause, or partial cause, of my lack of blogging. It happened back in April. It was a one line email … Continue reading

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