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Hot Fuzz and Hops

Last night while the rest of the world watched the Oscars, Husband and I watched this. Our evening started something like this: me:  I am getting a beer.  Do you want one?  Of course you want one, what kind to … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Sun Still Sets in the West

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The Ocean’s Rocky Shore

This morning we are packing the car with bags, a cooler, kids, dogs, and sand toys for what used to be our yearly trip to the ocean.  Since 2005 or so my parents started treating Husband and I (along with … Continue reading

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I am tired.  I am grumpy.  I am hard to get along with as of late.  I start to wash dishes only to run out of motivation part way through and walk away leaving dishes unwashed and questioning their self … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Made with Love

“Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove” ~William Shakespeare~

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One Last Breath

At 4:42 a.m. the phone rings and the question is asked, “How important is it that you see your dad one more time?” In pajamas I stand over an empty suitcase completely immobile, unable to make a decision of what … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Living Wall

Yesterday, while the boys were attending a birthday party for one of their friends, Husband and I had a whole hour and a half to ourselves.  We were planning on going to Costco, Target, and the Post Office – you … Continue reading

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I Have a Question

I have not done this before but I have a question that I would like a variety of answers to and it dawned on me this morning that you (yes, you) would be the perfect place to turn.  I know … Continue reading

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My Report Today is on the…

I got an email from Cody’s kindergarten teacher late last week informing me that Cody would be coming home with a Dinosaur Report page; he needs to pick a dinosaur to do a simple report on.  In her email the … Continue reading

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In Lieu of Flowers

Last night my mom asked if I would be willing to write my dad’s obituary.  I told her I would be honored.  I have no idea how to write an obituary, much less one that would do justice to my … Continue reading

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