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One Lovely Blog Award

A while ago I was honored by my blogging friend Heather over at Patchwork of Life with the One Lovely Blog Award.  I never know what to expect when a new post pops up from Heather but I do know … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Fence Posts and Fields

When visiting my childhood home, I quite often find myself outside walking around in the pasture with my camera.  This weekend I could not stop taking pictures of old fence posts and fields left to grow wild grasses.

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Open House. Closed House (or how I accidently ended up writing a small novel instead of a simple blog post)

This Saturday will be the open house in remembrance of my dad.  It will be held at my parent’s house, or I suppose I should get used to saying, my mom’s house.  In a strange way I am decidedly not … Continue reading

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Smile for the…oh, never mind.

Today is class picture day at Carter’s school.  The night before, I chose an outfit for him and hid his dirty yellow duck boots in the closet so he would not ask to wear them.  I thought up clever tricks … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – A Little Piece of Paradise

The day was spent at Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park.  The drive was long but well worth the trip.

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A Spontaneous Post (or not)

I can drink coffee, sing the ABC’s, towel dry a rain soaked dog, help dress one of my two children, and with my third hand flip pancakes, but I break a sweat if I try to read two books at … Continue reading

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