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Cookie Wisdom

I am 38 years old (fact).  I like cookies (also fact).  Therefore one could logically deduce that I have had a lot of experience eating cookies.  [I think there is a flaw in my logically thought process though since there … Continue reading

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Our Second Skin

Our clothes. We wear them for modesty because it is our cultural norm.  We wear them to keep us warm and dry or to protect us from the sun. We wear them because we like the color or how they … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Great White Jelly of the Deep

I have always found jellyfish to be pretty fascinating and I am glad my boys like them too.  Cody pointed this one out to me the other day when we were walking the pier in our small town.  The only … Continue reading

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Carter-isms of the Day

It is a very rare thing for me to actually plan ahead a blog post.  I write on topics or daily goings on that I find funny or moving in some way.  As of late I have not been inspired … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Last of the Lazy Summer Days

On this last weekend of summer vacation, before the start of another busy school year, we have been soaking up the sun.  There have been long bike rides, walks to the blackberry patch, water play in the yard, and hanging … Continue reading

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