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Simple Sunday – Camping/Glamping

Yesterday we did some pseudo camping.  This is basically where a person is too tired to full on camp so they just meet up with their friends at the campground and spend the day.  We packed our camp chairs, some … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure and Gettin’ Lucky

Yesterday Cody was finishing his lunch when this conversation occurred, completely catching me by surprise. cody:  Is a baby alive while inside the mom’s tummy? me:  Yup, babies grow bigger and bigger inside their mom’s tummy until they are ready … Continue reading

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Our Furry Family Members and the Memories They Give Us

As I mentioned, our family got a little big bigger (Ha!  When I typed the word “bigger” it came out of my fingers as “better” and I would have to say that works well too) with the addition of our … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Sometimes Words Take a While

It has been one of those weekends where Husband takes the boys out of the house on a fun adventure so I can stay at home and work on school work.  Good times. So I had been struggling on my … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Through the Lens of a Child’s Camera

Every month or two I transfer the photos from Cody and Carter’s camera onto the computer.  Lately Carter has taken a great interest in photography and actually captures some pretty nice images and moments of our lives.  I thought I … Continue reading

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Rescue Me!

She was found many months ago in Northern California, young and pregnant.  And homeless.  She wandered onto a dairy farm, looking for help, looking for safety.  They did not want her, but to their credit they took her to a … Continue reading

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