Missed Opportunity

As I wandered through the kitchen, bags under my eyes, wearing my old, tattered, flannel pajamas and my new cozy, purple llama socks, a dog food dish in my hand, I heard Cody ask Husband what the word sexy meant.

I heard Husband stumble over his words, but finally land on “something that has sex appeal.”

I thought to myself that he simply could have said “your mamma.”

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How to Lose 12.8 Pounds Safely and Instantly*

  1. Pick up cat
  2. Step onto scale
  3. Record weight
  4. Put down cat
  5. Step onto scale
  6. Record weight
  7. Subtract second weight from first weight to calculate weight lost
  8. Celebrate weight loss by eating a piece or two of fudge
  9. Repeat process whenever necessary
*Actual results may vary based upon naturally occurring variations found within cats.  Not responsible for any and all injuries or adverse health related events that may or may not take place surrounding the use of this weight loss program.  See your health care provider for additional information.
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Simple Sunday – Southwest Christmas

I was the only member of Casa de Shoes on the Wrong Feet that wore long pants and a sweater as we walked around our local nursery searching for the perfect Christmas tree.  It was sunny and in the high sixties.



The best (we could do).

Hot chocolate was consumed, cookies were nibbled, a tree was decided upon and loaded up on the top of our car.  Carter even talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus, telling them he really wanted his mamma’s banana bread and a semi-automatic Nerf gun for Christmas.  (He will get one of these two; can you guess which one?)


Festive peppers.

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No Jackets Required?

Carter, always one to find an excuse to get out of doing what he considers an unpleasant task, did not disappoint when told he had to go jacket shopping with me this morning.

me:  Come on boys, we really need to get you some warm jackets!  I bribed them with a trip to Einstein Bagels, just to sweeten the deal.

Cody let out a loud sound-  something between a moan and a groan – and wandered off to put on his shoes and swipe a brush once or twice through his unruly hair.

Carter went for the more academic approach.

Carter:  But mom, we won’t need jackets soon with all the global warming in the world.  Places like Arizona will continue to get hotter and hotter.  No one who lives here will need a jacket this year!

Let’s hope jackets don’t become obsolete that quickly.  Or ever.

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Simple Sunday – Selfies

Yesterday, to get into the holiday spirit, we went on a walking tour of a Christmas lights display.  Along the way, some group selfies were taken.


Where did Carter get a clothespin?

We have never been the most photogenic of families, but that does not stop us from having fun with it and getting our smile on. Or whatever.

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Advent Calendars (and sort-of advent calendars)

On the first day of December my true love gave to me…

This year, we bought the boys Star Wars Lego advent calendars.  This morning they were excited to open the first door and piece together the mini Lego creation, a Landspeeder.

It looks like it will be a Death Star kind of Christmas this year.

Twenty-three more doors left to open.

After my shower this morning, I discovered that I, too had an advent calendar of sorts.

The gift that keeps on giving.

It only has one door, but there are six hundred twenty-four more days of giving in my calendar.

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Simple Sunday – Tin Pizza?

I’ll take a slice, but hold the Tin, please.

Carter’s science project on the element, Tin (Sn).

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On the Upside…

my crisper drawer has not been this clean since I don’t remember when.



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The Tail of the Dog

My first two years of teaching, I worked with a population that was overwhelmingly high-needs.  The entire district was Title I, meaning that greater than 95% (I don’t know the exact percentage, but it was in the high nineties) qualified for free and reduced lunch.  They had very limited resources.  Along with this, many of the students were struggling in other ways and some had been identified as being at very high-risk.

There was an organization that came to my school that met with those kids and taught them life skills, build up self-confidence, and simply gave them notice.  This was all done through therapy dogs.  This powerful experience for the kids was on the fringes of my peripheral vision, as I was a first/second year teacher trying not to drown in it all.

But it stuck with me.

This morning, while lying in bed with my first cup of coffee, I found myself researching this organization and seriously wondering if our Flat Coat Retriever rescue dog, Sasha and I would be up for the challenge.  As I was deep on thought on the topic, Cody and Carter woke up and came lumbering into the bedroom.  They flopped onto the bed, which was already filled with two black furry pups, and listened as I told them my thoughts.

Carter appeared a bit protective and worried for Sasha.  He thought it might be alright if the children did not hurt her.  He wanted to know if he could come along.  I think he was wrestling with the implications of sharing our dog with others.  What if she loves us less? – I could see the question in his head.

I assured him that Sasha would always be our dog, we would be her pack.  This is when Cody piped up.

cody:  We will always be in her heart, and in her mind.

carter:  Adding to this, in what I feel was quite an eloquent way, Carter states – We will always be in her tail, too. 

Sasha, who is a total tail-wagger, was listening, enjoying the pets, and wagging her tail.

Yes, we will always be in her tail, too.


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Simple Sunday–Windows Key + L

Recently I have been finding strange screenshots and additional tabs open on my computer.I started locking my keyboard. 


Chloe, took one last nap on my keyboard, discovered that she could no longer wreck havoc and immediately lost interest.

I do wonder how many emails she sent from my account before I locked her out.

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