Simple Sunday – The “Wonderful”

According to several gardening sites, the “Wonderful” variety of pomegranate is the most common and most prolific bearer of fruit in Arizona and California. Carter came home with this, picked from our neighbor’s yard (with permission, of course). I thought it very pretty sitting there on our counter.

And what a wonderful name it has!

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Fur Friday – Resting Grumpy Face

This Fur Friday is brought to you by our neighbor’s cat, Woody, who is really the resident cul-de-sac orange cat. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys resting on the top of my car.

This is his typical facial expression. His resting grumpy face is misleading, as he is actually a rather personable creature.

Happy Friday!

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Quarantine Conversations with Husband

Yesterday I used the last Q-tip in the package. (This is only a noteworthy feat due to the fact that the package is a Costco sized package and contained 625 Q-tips. In addition to this, it is one of three 625 Q-tip packages that came in the trifecta of Costco Q-tip packaging. We still have two more boxes to go.)  I pointed this out to Husband, excited to share with him my great achievement. His response was so lackluster as to be forgettable.

This morning I got to use the first Q-tip from the new package.

me: I’m so excited, I get to use a fresh Q-tip!

Husband: I don’t think it is fresh considering it has probably been in that package for years.

me: Not to be discouraged – Well, freshly opened then. I take it out of the packaging and start cleaning my post-shower ears, disregarding the warnings to not insert Q-tip into your ear. It is not as fluffy as I expected it to be.

I deftly flip the Q-tip over and start on my second ear. The Q-tip is in my ear, when Husband says, “Maybe it’s expired.”

It did give me a moment of pause, albeit a short one.

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Simple Sunday – And a Succulent to Boot

I planted this succulent in a Saguaro boot over a year ago and have watered it sparingly.

I have no idea if the recent sprouting of the tendril is a good thing or not, but it is quite pretty. The blue behind it is our old pool light cover, that instead of throwing away, I added to my patio plant stand for a splash of color.

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Fur Friday – Watchdog

Haley takes her job as alpha very seriously.

She’s got her eye on you.

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Sarcasm can be greatly overused to the point that I will avoid people for whom sarcasm is their first, and only, language. It can be unkind and condescending, especially if misunderstood. That being said, I enjoy a quip dripping sarcasm here and there.

Cody and Carter know sarcasm and have dabbled with it. We have talked about what it is and when it is best used. Like most things, there is a time and a place.

The other night as I walked past Carter’s open bedroom door, I glance in to see him, damp hair from swimming, stretched out comfortably on the floor reading a book. Next to him lay his crumpled, wet pool towel.

I reverse a few steps and lay it on thick, voice a pitch higher, threaded with excitement.

“Oh Carter!” He looks up, interested. “I can’t wait to see where you put your towel,” and then I continued walking.

He catches up to me heading into the backyard, towel in hand.

“Oh mamma!” his voice like sunshine. “I can’t wait to see where you put your sarcasm.”

(When I inquired about where I should put my sarcasm,  he smiled and told me that the trashcan would be a good place.)

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Lazy Texting

I don’t always text Husband to bring me something from a room he is passing through,

but when I do, I usually get treated to a sassy reply.

He came into the living room with the requested book, his thumb casually covering the “d”.

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Heavy Dancing

In an effort to be uplifting, news programs tend to end with a short, feel good piece. Using this strategy last night, the final news story was about a father-daughter dance class, highlighting African American fathers and their young dance daughters. From the short bit I saw, it looked like ballet, fathers lifting their tutued daughters into the air and twirling them around (it’s very important that you read this using the first definition, not the second one listed by Collins dictionary).

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, one ear on the news. Carter was, for some reason, quite taken with this news story and came into the kitchen to share it with me. He asked me if I knew that there were father-daughter dances. I told him I did and then asked him if he had a daughter if he would take her to such a dance. He was unsure if he would, perhaps struggling to visualizing having a daughter of his own.

Always the one to quickly point out any inequality, Carter persisted on the subject. He insisted that there needed to be mother-son dances. Then he looked at me, eyes squinted ever so slightly, “But I don’t think you could pick me up.”

I laughed and explained that typically it is the male dancer who picks up the female dancer and so he would be the one to pick me up.  At this he tried unsuccessfully to pick me up.

Then he asks the question – “How much do you weigh, momma?” to which I quickly respond – “How much do you think I weigh?”

He looks me up and down and proclaimed that I weigh 149 pounds (so specific!). I gasp in mock horror at his response.

When from down the hall Cody, ever wise beyond his 14 years, calls out, “Carter! Don’t you know you never answer that question?!?”

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Simple Sunday – Empty Shells

Under a bush, an imprint in the rocks lined with little bits and bobbles discarded by nature, new life emerges.

Feather fluff of quail and empty shells remains.

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Fur Friday – Nothing but Cats (and a Goat)

Chloe – the least photogenic of our cats, often caught looking annoyed and bitter. Does not really like any of us. Here she is caught in a rare contemplative expression under the warm glow of Carter’s new “zen lights”.

Leia (short for Princess Leia) – quirky, petite, and often aloof. Likes to be held when her humans are trying to cook dinner or do laundry. Seen here with a sleeping James and Goat.

Turn that frown upside down?

James – the most photogenic of the cats. More personality than a roomful of clowns, but not as scary. A total momma’s boy.

Another $5 bottle of wine, mom? Really?

And no, for all you concerned readers out there, we do not give our cats wine. Usually. (Really, we never do, they’re much to elite for our wine choices/budget.)

Happy Friday!

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