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Drunk with Power and Demanding Candy Corn

I think I may have mentioned in passing a time or two that I am room mom in Cody’s first grade class.  Actually I am one of three moms who signed up this year (although I was not planning on … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Things Found on Our Entryway Table

At first it was simply the beginning of fall.  The grocery stores started carrying those little decorative pumpkins in their produce sections.  Carter begged for one.  It looked nice on our entryway table. Then I needed a couple spiders for … Continue reading

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For Want of a Paper Plate

We had the talk again this year: [pirate, firefighter, robots, bats]   While opening our box of Halloween gear: [candles, spiders, three witches hats]   I seized up one black and pointed hat laughed a loud cackle, and said that … Continue reading

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The Plague Hath Arrived

Please excuse my lack of blogging these past many days, but we are in the process of trying not to die.  If we were living in the 14th century (nevermind you would not be reading this on your computer or … Continue reading

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