How Can You Stand to Live with Me?

Me:  Pete and Repeat went into a store.  Pete came out.  Who was left?
Cody:  Repeat?
Me:  Pete and Repeat went into a store.  Pete came out.  Who was left?
Cody:  Repeat.

(I have loved this joke since early childhood along with the I one a sandbox… joke). 

Yes, this is typical dinner time conversation around here.  It only took two times around before Cody, my five-year old, smiled and realized it was a joke.  Then Cody informed us that he had a funny joke and proceeded to tell the above joke to us.  We all laughed politely.  Not to be outdone, Carter, who is three, said in his deep dramatic voice he reserves for very important things “I have crazy joke.”  He looks around at all the things on the table while we all wait for him to tell his crazy joke.

Carter:  Ketchup and Watermelon go into store. Ketchup look out window. Who left?

Humm, we tell him we don’t know.  With a gleam in his eye he hollers out “Watermelon!”  We all laugh uproariously as he sits there so proud of his very own original joke.  This leads to several variations on Carter’s joke.  Then I come up with a new one.

Me:  Knock Knock
Cody:  Who’s there?
Me:  Owls
Cody:  Owls who?

Ah, I crack myself up. I sit there laughing hysterically until I realize that I am the only one laughing. I take it upon myself to explain the joke but it does not help matters.  I am sure you can’t believe it, but this happens to me quite often around here.  I ask in a rhetorical manner how can they possibly stand to live with me, what with all that wit and brilliance, and then quickly walk away so as to avoid any sarcastic remarks.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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6 Responses to How Can You Stand to Live with Me?

  1. bwahahaha yes that’s the kind of brilliance I share in my home daily

    • shoes says:

      Continuing my roll of brilliance and wit, I informed Husband today that the boys and I were heading to the store because were “plum out of plums.” Ah, how I slay myself! Glad there are others out there like me.

  2. cute kids!
    this used to happen a lot around our house when my sister was younger. now, she treats everything i say wit suspicion.

  3. so funny, im easily amused 🙂

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