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Simple Sunday – It’s Five o’clock Somewhere

You’ve heard the expression it’s five o’clock somewhere, right?  Well some morning last week as I was walking past the boys’ playroom/guestroom/room where I stash all my school stuff behind closed doors when I leave the house because I still … Continue reading

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Reflections on Becoming a Teacher – 1

Today my field supervisor came into the first grade classroom I am interning in to observe me officially for the first time.  It was during a time in which I was running a small reading group.  I had known she … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Fall Leaves and Fireplace Parties

Yesterday we went for a walk in the neighborhood.  The boys collected leaves and Haley tried out her spiffy new reflective vest that she will now wear when her and Husband go out for their early morning jogs. The rest … Continue reading

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Old News

Oops.  I realized earlier this week as I was trying to figure out when to fit in writing my next newspaper article, one that has a deadline of this Friday, that I never posted for you all the link to … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Practice Thanksgiving 2013

There were twelve of us gathered around the table this year.  I took time throughout the meal to look, really look at the faces of my friends and family as they chatted and laughed and enjoyed the meal we all … Continue reading

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Apparently it is Just That Much Funnier When it Surprises the Dog

Sunday night and it was that time right after dinner and right before the boys needed to start getting ready for bed.  I was perusing through the stack of school papers that had been dumped on the table on Friday … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Sweaters and a Photobomb

The boys were so cute in their sweaters, sitting on the couch reading books.  I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.  Click, click, click, PHOTOBOMB!

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Weekly Reflections (or Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

It is a running joke in my Master’s with Certificate cohort that we reflect upon our reflections and then we reflect some more.  A lot of our coursework requires us to reflect; we reflect on lesson plans, curriculum, behavior management, … Continue reading

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The Death of a Fish and the Rifting of Pangaea

Finn, our beloved Beta fish passed away sometime during the night last night.  I noticed this morning right before we were going to sit down for breakfast, as both our fish, Finn and Blub, lived in separate habitats on the … Continue reading

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